The Strategy and About The Service

The Strategy

I have been constantly increasing and expanding my domains set for more than a year in order to reach almost every audience, and they are continuously renewed and refreshed in order to rely ONLY on domains with good reputation which have never been blacklisted or reported in any negative way.

Thanks to special deals I have with hosting companies and domain registrars, I can count on thousands of domains used to gather traffic to be sent to your website according to its category.

When I receive an order, I include your website in a category and it will be picked up when a visitor lands on one of these domains which match the related set of keywords.

It would be incorrect to say it is targeted traffic since, in order to keep costs low, each category must hold hundreds of websites. However, it would be unfair to say it is not targeted at all.

Be sure to also read the FAQ section.

About The Service

I have a small but passionate team of internet enthusiasts who have been working really hard in the last couple of years to research and develop new and innovative strategies for web solutions, with particular attention to website owners and internet marketers.

I will take care of your order and do my best to ensure that only quality traffic will reach your contents, but this is not enough for me: you will always benefit from our extensive support in case of problems.

Hints and Advice


If you publish lots of content on the main page, try to optimize it with these small tips:

1. Organize your articles into sections, and limit their display to 4-5 per page
2. Don’t embed more than one video on the page; put a link with a captive description instead.
3. Optimize your images for the web, by reducing the DPI or using thumbnails.
4. Organize your images in Gallery sections.
5. Use a clean code as much as you can.


The best way to track your visitors is by using Google Analytics at this address:


You can find help and tutorials right from Google’s Support pages: